During the past few years, I do not really care about my weight. Until there came a time when all of the people around me, particularly my relatives started telling me that I am too fat. Being overweight is no issue to me until my husband left to work in Dubai. During those times, I have more of “me” time or alone time moment. That was when I finally had time to lose weight.

In this picture, you can see how I look like through the years.



Many people asked me how I lose weight. Others would even say that I took supplements in order to drop the extra pounds. The reality is, I simply went on doing the usual method. The key is exercise. I cannot put emphasis that I also went on a diet because I continue to eat what I want when I want it. The only difference is during the period of losing weight, I ensure to workout regularly in order to maintain a better figure.

I started with zumba. I am one of  those thrifty people who would not want to spend money to the gym or getting out to dress up like a pro to jog around the village. What I did was to watch Zumba videos online specifically the beginner ones. I danced and followed the steps with the tune that I like such as Jai’ho, Feel this moment and Miami.

For about two or three months, I would allocate about 10-15 minutes of my precious time dancing. Aside from that, knowing that I already have a yoga mat on hand, I also used it for planking and sit ups.

When my husband would ask what am I doing to workout, I would always say Zumba. He would always tell me to use of our elliptical bike which we bought before he left for Dubai. I am really not interested using the equipment at first.  I just don’t think it would help a lot with my target weight.

After a while, when my ears can no longer withstand the repeated music that I hear every time I dance zumba, I finally got interested to use the bike. I have read in an article that you need to use it for a minimum time of 18 minutes to maximize its use. And so, I did. I ensure to exercise 18-20 minutes every day. After a while, I started getting compliments that I am looking fitter. For roughly 2 years now, I am still doing the same routine every morning. I open the television to watch while I use the bike or surf the net and before I know it, I already finished the 20 minute work out that I need for the day.

You, how did you lose weight? Share some thoughts below. ♥♥♥

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