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What I do

This is not the first that that I attempted to maintain a blog. I even purchased an actual website before, not just once but two times. These were attempts to uplift my status of being a WAHM (Work at home Mom)/freelance writer/virtual assistant.

Since I stopped working in an actual office when I got pregnant way back in Dec 2008, I started to look for alternative ways to earn money. My husband is a good provider but it is still better to have my own earnings.

I was exposed to various online money making systems like PPC or pay per click which I did to earn $2 in one month. Gosh! I did that when I was still pregnant. There are also other money making systems like paid surveys, online selling and more.

Then one time, I learned about KGB. This is a legitimate work from home job based here in the Philippines. I worked as a Special Text Agent. The scope of work is pretty simple and basic as all I need to do is to log in to their database and wait for text messages to come in and reply. The thing is, if you want to earn more, you need to wake up early like 3 am. The salary is just right for a less than 40h job without leaving the house. Back then (2009), I earned about 7K each month less all the other charges.

Being with KGB worked well for me for a couple of months. Then, one time, I got introduced to try Odesk, now Upwork. It is a freelance marketplace for freelancers and business owners looking for workers. I started a job that pays $1 per hour. So, for someone who gets paid for 7k/month, about P43-P45/hour sounds better. Since March 2010 until today, I am connected with Upwork.

The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to apply/bid for a project and prove yourself to the employee. It is hard to find an employer when you are only starting out to establish your profile but with hard work and persistence, you can win your first job.

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