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Snow Aura Boosting Mask

I have always dreamed of having flawless skin. I am not the type who would love to have that whiter complexion not because I have fair skin but maybe because my main skin issue is acne. I have acne prone skin and just like any typical woman, I have tried several skin care treatments. Some worked and others are a waste of money. As with this product called Snow Aura Boosting Mask I can give it 7/10 rating.


As you can see, the product is really huge. The content is not that much but if you will use it 2-3x each week without fail, the container may last for 2-3 months. As with me, I only used it once to three times per month and not on a weekly basis. The price can cost you about 1500php or more depending on where you will purchase it.

I got it for free because it was originally my Aunt’s and she said it did not work for her. She said that your face will feel refreshed, whiter and tighter only on the next day after using the mask after such, its gone.

In my own experience, I can also say that the product is not really worth the hype. Many claims that it can leave your skin looking white for as long as you want but really, it isn’t.


That is how much product you need to put on the face. Sorry I was not able to take an after wash photo (I forgot). Others may even put more than what I had on the photo. It is really up to you.

If there is one good thing about this product is you can spend less rather than going to a spa to get a facial mask that costs more. Having Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask is a cheaper alternative. Also, for instance, you use this overnight, the next day, after you wash your face, you can also leave the house without putting any foundation. All you need is powder and your face will still look glowing.

Have you also tried this? What are your thoughts?

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DIY Mask Using Aztec Indian Clay

Before, the only idea I have in mind about mask is using honey with oatmeal or pure honey alone. Good thing, beauty blogs are already established these days that most women are more than happy to share their beauty hacks. One mask I discovered and been using for the past three years is Aztec Indian Clay paired with Apple Cider Vinegar. Get ready to look like Shrek when you have it on your face.


As you can see, my face is quite yellowish. It is because aside from the usual clay + apple cider, I also added turmeric powder. Turmeric has also been very famous when it comes to skin care. Thus, I also incorporate it with the mask for extra boost.

This is a great mask for acne prone skin. It will give you blooming effect not after wash but after a few hours or so. Pores will also be tighter because of the tightening effect of the mask on the skin. Like what its label state, Feel your Skin Pulsate, you can truly feel it. In fact, you may find it hard to speak once the mask has already settled on the face.

Overall, this mask is truly worth the buy. It is available at Lazada. You can get it in combo. It means that there is no need to leave the home to try this amazing mask.

Have you tried this or other mask before? Share your experience.

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MoskiShield: Is it worth the hype?

We are from the Philippines. Our country is quite rich with culture, beaches, food and natural resources. One more thing that we are rich in would be mosquitoes. In fact, there was even a time when dengue outbreaks were declared in some municipalities. It is a sad but an actual fact.

Dengue is caused by a mosquito that carries the virus. Once an infected mosquito bite you and your immune system is not good enough, high chances are you are at risk to develop this deadly condition. The dengue carrying mosquitoes usually attack during mid afternoon. However, as the world evolves, it can attack its victim anytime.

Kids are usually infected with the disease. Hence, there are so many big brands in the industry that produce repellent lotion, sprays, colognes, and others. What’s more? There are even bracelets and patches that were invented. One of such is MoskiShield.


This repellent patch states on its package that it is 100% natural free from deet. Thus, it is such a hit for most consumers. It is self adhesive patch and anyone can use it easily. I am one of those who was lured to try it. Since I have a 7 year old daughter, I should ensure she is always safe from this kind of diseases.

It can be purchased per box with 24 patches. The photo above contains 6 because the 24 patches is divided into 4 zip locks. One box costs around P150. As you can see, the designs are pretty cute and any child would want one on their clothing. FYI, the patches should not stick on the skin. It needs to be on the clothes.

When you open  the zip lock, you can smell a strong smell of I cannot explain what that is. But the strong smell is its way to repel mosquitoes. It states on the package that the user can be protected up to 24 hours. However, when we once used it, my daughter still complains of mosquito bites. Too bad.

If you will ask me, if this is worth to try, I may not recommend it. Although it is very handy and easy to use without any messy application required, I might not buy another one again.

Have you also tried it? Share your thoughts!

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Setting Powders

In the past, I only used pressed powder and I am good to go. Then, I revolved to the use of powder foundation then BB creams and today, I cannot leave the house without combining BB creams + setting powders. I do not have any idea about SPF before and thus, I used whatever is the latest release in the market to minimize my oily skin.

Good thing, online reviews are quite easy to browse nowadays. Hence, I managed to figure out why there is such thing called ‘baking’ when you apply make up. So, this ‘baking’ thing is pretty much related with liquid foundation. In order for liquid foundie or even BB creams of other creams you apply on the face to last longer, setting powders should be used. To date, I have two.


Shiseido Medicated Pressed powder is translucent. If you want a whiter and brighter look, you can use this. I have read so many positive reviews about it in the past. Thus, when my aunt went to Japan, I never hesitated to asked her to get me some. I bought about 3 pieces. I never thought that a single compact would last more than a year for my consumption. Yes, since I am a work at home mom, I rarely go out to wear make up. Anyway, what I love about this product are:

  • Affordable (in Japan) only costs me P90 each. Here, you can get one for P250(cheapest)
  • Easy to blend
  • Smells like milk
  • Mild even for babies (my 7yo daughter used it too)
  • Oil control factor:moderate


  • No mirror on the compact
  • No SPF
  • Not easy to use because the upper cover should be removed entirely

Palgantong Theatrical Powder has coverage. The color that my friend got for me is Beige Ocre. This is perfect for morena skin tone. I do not prefer this shade because whenever I used it, I look too dark (seems like I got tanned). I even used this as blush  or for contour with its brownish shade once applied. What I like about it:

  • Easy to blend
  • Mini container perfect for kikay kit inside the bag
  • Can be used for contouring
  • Container has mirror


  • Expensive.(My friend bought this in Macau and costs her P450. I just paid her P200 and it is still like I paid P250 for this small 10g setting powder.
  • Not widely available even on online shops here in the Philippines.
  • Shade does not look really good on me
  • No SPF

I am not really good in reviewing products but I am trying my best to share my thoughts about the product that I have and been using. Hope this helps. Share your thoughts about it and other setting powder which works for you.

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Sushi Tooshi

One other craving that I so love is sushi, California maki to be exact. When we eat in a buffet that serves Japanese, you can expect that my plate would only and always be filled with sushi. Ever since I have tried it, I keep on looking for it. Truly, I can survive in Japan or South Korea, eating sushi all day long. ☺

Once, I have came across a facebook page that teaches how to make sushi. The next day, I was at the grocery looking for ingredients and tools to roll my own. I did not buy japanese rice but my finish product still enticed me. That’s how much I love sushi. What I used:

  • Ripe mango
  • Crab Stick
  • Nori sheet
  • bamboo mat
  • Cucumber
  • Regular rice
  • vinegar, sugar and salt (to season the rice)
  • mayonnaise

How to:

  1. Cook the rice. If you can, add more water than the usual so that it will look like rice paste when cooked. If not, seasoning it with sugar, salt and vinegar mixture right after it is fully cooked can also achieve the paste appearance of the rice.
  2. Clean the bamboo mat. Place the nori sheet on it then add thin layer of rice.
  3. Slice the mango, cucumber and crab stick. Ensure you can fit them easily when you roll the mat. Add mayonnaise.
  4. Roll carefully but firmly to ensure all the ingredients are in tact.
  5. Use a sharp knife when slicing for quicker and better looking sushi.
  6. Serve with soy sauce, calamansi/lemon or lime and wasabi.


Enjoy ☺♥☻

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Moisturizer: You Need it!

The skin needs to be moisturized even though you feel that there is too much oil on your face. People who considers themselves with oily skin type requires moisturizer too. It is just best to make sure that the moisturizer is water based.

I do have oily skin too not to mention being acne prone and sensitive as well. With all these skin issues that I have, I still continue to moisturize every night. In the morning, although I know that it is still necessary, I prefer to use bb creams which already have moisturizing effect plus the added SPF. I have tried different moisturizers. Currently, when I go out and require to cover up my pores and acne marks, I used Le blanc’s BB Cream. This beauty balm cream contains tamanu oil which can help in calming my acne.

Excuse me for the photo (not a photographer) Excuse too for the label that is barely readable

This bb cream is pretty good. I even used it for my daughter’s eczema. It quite worked well as well. Overall this, is a good bb cream which can cover up marks and protect you from the sun too with around SPF 45 (i think). I asked about the SPF before but I already forgot about it.


  • helps in calming acne
  • easily available (the seller can be contacted through instagram and also sold in Shopee
  • several shades to choose from
  • with SPF


  • Texture is too liquid, shaking may be necessary
  • Application must not be in front of the fan because the cream tends to dry quickly
  • Price. this is a disadvantage for me considering how thrifty I am. I bought it at P650. Good thing Shopee offered free shipping for orders P250 and up. Also, during the time I got it, there was still an ongoing promotion from Shopee.

This BB cream at times also served as my spot treatment. At times, it worked, at times, it does not.

Before bedtime, I also apply moisturizer. I got the ones I am currently using from a raffle/giveaway of Natura Organic. I joined and luckily won two beauty oils. The one without label is marula + argan oil and the brown bottle is rosehip seed oil. Both are quite promising in helping me achieve a healthier and glowing looking skin.


If you will purchase each, it may cost around 350+ per bottle plus shipping fees. The brand also has its physical store, just check them out on instagram. ♥♥♥

PS: I am not paid or asked to review any of the products mentioned above. The thoughts were based from my personal experience.

Have you also tried any of these or other beauty oils? Share your thoughts. ♥☺

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Wifey and Mommy

I am a wife to my long time partner for 14 years. We started out as text mates back in 2001. We were both in 4th year HS back then. We became official also through text (too cheap, i know but it lasted, so it does not really matter ☺) on 01/02/01 Jan 2, 2003. We had our very first date not the next day but on Jan 19, 2003. And the rest was history.

When we found out that I was pregnant Dec of 2008, we got married on March 8, 2009. Now, I already have a 7 year old daughter. She is already in second grade. We are also planning to have another child this year considering that we are already getting older.

The realization of having another child may come too late because I really do not want another one. It is hard too hard to be pregnant, go on labor and raise a kid. My biggest challenge these days with a grade schooler is the process of teaching her. This would be the time in our life when I also need to be a tutor. It is really hard because my child is a late bloomer. She does not quickly grasp her lessons because she is not interested with it. I know she has her own intelligence because she easily learns a new sport. If only she will give her interest and focus on her lessons at school, I know she can also make it with flying colors. Too bad, she does not.

Anyway, so we are already looking to have another child this year. We already bought new feeding bottles. We just want to ensure that everything will goo smoothly as my husband just recently finished his anti-rabies vaccines. He has worries that the vaccine may have an effect towards conception.

That’s my family ♥♥♥

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