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Snow Aura Boosting Mask

I have always dreamed of having flawless skin. I am not the type who would love to have that whiter complexion not because I have fair skin but maybe because my main skin issue is acne. I have acne prone skin and just like any typical woman, I have tried several skin care treatments. Some worked and others are a waste of money. As with this product called Snow Aura Boosting Mask I can give it 7/10 rating.


As you can see, the product is really huge. The content is not that much but if you will use it 2-3x each week without fail, the container may last for 2-3 months. As with me, I only used it once to three times per month and not on a weekly basis. The price can cost you about 1500php or more depending on where you will purchase it.

I got it for free because it was originally my Aunt’s and she said it did not work for her. She said that your face will feel refreshed, whiter and tighter only on the next day after using the mask after such, its gone.

In my own experience, I can also say that the product is not really worth the hype. Many claims that it can leave your skin looking white for as long as you want but really, it isn’t.


That is how much product you need to put on the face. Sorry I was not able to take an after wash photo (I forgot). Others may even put more than what I had on the photo. It is really up to you.

If there is one good thing about this product is you can spend less rather than going to a spa to get a facial mask that costs more. Having Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask is a cheaper alternative. Also, for instance, you use this overnight, the next day, after you wash your face, you can also leave the house without putting any foundation. All you need is powder and your face will still look glowing.

Have you also tried this? What are your thoughts?



Jane, 32, wife and work at home mom to my Unica Hija

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