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DIY Mask Using Aztec Indian Clay

Before, the only idea I have in mind about mask is using honey with oatmeal or pure honey alone. Good thing, beauty blogs are already established these days that most women are more than happy to share their beauty hacks. One mask I discovered and been using for the past three years is Aztec Indian Clay paired with Apple Cider Vinegar. Get ready to look like Shrek when you have it on your face.


As you can see, my face is quite yellowish. It is because aside from the usual clay + apple cider, I also added turmeric powder. Turmeric has also been very famous when it comes to skin care. Thus, I also incorporate it with the mask for extra boost.

This is a great mask for acne prone skin. It will give you blooming effect not after wash but after a few hours or so. Pores will also be tighter because of the tightening effect of the mask on the skin. Like what its label state, Feel your Skin Pulsate, you can truly feel it. In fact, you may find it hard to speak once the mask has already settled on the face.

Overall, this mask is truly worth the buy. It is available at Lazada. You can get it in combo. It means that there is no need to leave the home to try this amazing mask.

Have you tried this or other mask before? Share your experience.

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