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Setting Powders

In the past, I only used pressed powder and I am good to go. Then, I revolved to the use of powder foundation then BB creams and today, I cannot leave the house without combining BB creams + setting powders. I do not have any idea about SPF before and thus, I used whatever is the latest release in the market to minimize my oily skin.

Good thing, online reviews are quite easy to browse nowadays. Hence, I managed to figure out why there is such thing called ‘baking’ when you apply make up. So, this ‘baking’ thing is pretty much related with liquid foundation. In order for liquid foundie or even BB creams of other creams you apply on the face to last longer, setting powders should be used. To date, I have two.


Shiseido Medicated Pressed powder is translucent. If you want a whiter and brighter look, you can use this. I have read so many positive reviews about it in the past. Thus, when my aunt went to Japan, I never hesitated to asked her to get me some. I bought about 3 pieces. I never thought that a single compact would last more than a year for my consumption. Yes, since I am a work at home mom, I rarely go out to wear make up. Anyway, what I love about this product are:

  • Affordable (in Japan) only costs me P90 each. Here, you can get one for P250(cheapest)
  • Easy to blend
  • Smells like milk
  • Mild even for babies (my 7yo daughter used it too)
  • Oil control factor:moderate


  • No mirror on the compact
  • No SPF
  • Not easy to use because the upper cover should be removed entirely

Palgantong Theatrical Powder has coverage. The color that my friend got for me is Beige Ocre. This is perfect for morena skin tone. I do not prefer this shade because whenever I used it, I look too dark (seems like I got tanned). I even used this as blush  or for contour with its brownish shade once applied. What I like about it:

  • Easy to blend
  • Mini container perfect for kikay kit inside the bag
  • Can be used for contouring
  • Container has mirror


  • Expensive.(My friend bought this in Macau and costs her P450. I just paid her P200 and it is still like I paid P250 for this small 10g setting powder.
  • Not widely available even on online shops here in the Philippines.
  • Shade does not look really good on me
  • No SPF

I am not really good in reviewing products but I am trying my best to share my thoughts about the product that I have and been using. Hope this helps. Share your thoughts about it and other setting powder which works for you.

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