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MoskiShield: Is it worth the hype?

We are from the Philippines. Our country is quite rich with culture, beaches, food and natural resources. One more thing that we are rich in would be mosquitoes. In fact, there was even a time when dengue outbreaks were declared in some municipalities. It is a sad but an actual fact.

Dengue is caused by a mosquito that carries the virus. Once an infected mosquito bite you and your immune system is not good enough, high chances are you are at risk to develop this deadly condition. The dengue carrying mosquitoes usually attack during mid afternoon. However, as the world evolves, it can attack its victim anytime.

Kids are usually infected with the disease. Hence, there are so many big brands in the industry that produce repellent lotion, sprays, colognes, and others. What’s more? There are even bracelets and patches that were invented. One of such is MoskiShield.


This repellent patch states on its package that it is 100% natural free from deet. Thus, it is such a hit for most consumers. It is self adhesive patch and anyone can use it easily. I am one of those who was lured to try it. Since I have a 7 year old daughter, I should ensure she is always safe from this kind of diseases.

It can be purchased per box with 24 patches. The photo above contains 6 because the 24 patches is divided into 4 zip locks. One box costs around P150. As you can see, the designs are pretty cute and any child would want one on their clothing. FYI, the patches should not stick on the skin. It needs to be on the clothes.

When you open  the zip lock, you can smell a strong smell of I cannot explain what that is. But the strong smell is its way to repel mosquitoes. It states on the package that the user can be protected up to 24 hours. However, when we once used it, my daughter still complains of mosquito bites. Too bad.

If you will ask me, if this is worth to try, I may not recommend it. Although it is very handy and easy to use without any messy application required, I might not buy another one again.

Have you also tried it? Share your thoughts!

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