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DIY Toner

The usual routine of a person to achieve a healthier looking skin is to Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. In the past, I used to spend money trying out different brands of toner because like what I have mentioned in the other post, I do not have perfect skin.

I have tried witch haze extract toner and it worked well for my skin type. The thing is, I am looking for cheaper alternatives which would also deliver the same effect. I also bought another brand of toner in Amazon which also did well and prevent me from getting breakouts worse but still, it costs a few bucks.

Good thing, I discovered dissolving apple cider vinegar with water and used it as toner. Considering that I have been a loyal user of ACV, I also mixed it with water and apply it as toner. I can say, that ACV is truly a universal product that can be used in so many ways.


Brands of ACV I have tried would be Bragg’s, Heinz and American Garden. Bragg is quite expensive because it comes With The Mother. Thus, I only used it for oral consumption. For my vanity use, I am good to go with American Garden brand. It is among the cheapest one you can find in the market.


Have you also tried and proven the wonders of using ACV? Share some thoughts.



Jane, 32, wife and work at home mom to my Unica Hija

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