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For the past few years, I can say that I suffered from acne breakouts. It started when I started having my period. I am already 32 now and you can imagine how long I have been battling with acne.

I used to believe in whatever products I saw on TV without checking its ingredients. Good thing, the world has transformed in a much better place to live that we now have quick access to the net.

With the online access, I was able to make research first before purchasing any skin care product. I was also able to get additional information to help calm my breakouts.

I have tried so many products in the past few years. Common brands like Neutrogena, Celeteque, St. Ives, Nivea, Pond’s, St. Dalfour and others. My skin used to behave using Neutrogena hard soap made for acne prone. But it can truly be true when they say that with frequent and prolong usage, the skin would get immune to it. Hence, it is best to use different brands every now and then.

Currently, I am using an organic soap found in instagram. The brand is Natura Organics. The brand promises better looking skin without having to worry from harsh chemicals. In fact, their products are even safe for kids.



I alternate the use of the whitening soap variant and Ayurveda science soap. When I have breakouts, I even make use of Pond’s Acne Clear.

Overall, I cannot say that I am free from breakouts because when my period gets near, I will surely have the ugly bumps in my face.

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Jane, 32, wife and work at home mom to my Unica Hija

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